Accomodation In Ankara

Accomodation In Ankara

Accomodation In Ankara

Foreign investors who come to Ankara to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment will be curious about the city’s lodging options. Although Ankara is Turkey’s capital, it will not provide tourists with the same opportunities as other major cities for those who come here to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. Ankara may not be a popular tourist destination, but being the political and economic center of Turkey, it is one of the most prosperous towns in the country when it comes to lodging possibilities. As a result of the city’s dispersed population, many of the attractions on the tourist’s itinerary for Ankara are located at considerable distances from one another. Because of this, getting to and around these locations will need the use of motorized conveyance. The convenience of public transit should be prioritized when selecting a hotel above the convenience of nearby attractions. You may see a list of Ankara’s hotels and other lodging options below.

  • Kavaklidere

There are several high-end hotels in the upscale Cankaya neighborhood. Where should I stay in Ankara if I wish to experience the city’s high life at a five-star hotel? Kavakldere will be a great choice for one of the possible responses to the question.

  • Kizilay

If you’re looking for a place to stay in the heart of the city, one area that should be on your radar is Kzlay, which has a mix of affordable and upscale lodging options. With convenient public transit options, foreign investors can go about the area with ease.

  • Ulus

There are many hotels in Ulus, another major tourist hub in the city. 

  • Hamamonu

There are several cheap hotels in Hamamönü that will transport you from the modern world to the Ottoman era, where you may relax and enjoy yourself. This area of Ankara is highly sought after by visitors because of its abundance of historical landmarks. Consider lodging in popular tourist places like Beypazari and Kizilcahamam if you want to be outside of the downtown region.

Ankara Hotel Recommendations

Hotel alternatives for foreign investors who come to Ankara by obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment are as follows:

  1. Maltepe 2000 Hotel 3
  2. Divan Cukurhan
  3. Anemon Ankara
  4. Radisson Blu Hotel
  5. Rota Bulvar Hotel
  6. Grand Ankara Hotel Convention Centre