All About Kartal And Why To Invest In The Area

All About Kartal And Why To Invest In The Area

All About Kartal And Why To Invest In The Area

Kartal, which is home to the highest place in Istanbul, has a population of about 470 thousand. The region, which is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is an important investment center in terms of Kartal land investment. Its value increases every day with its seaside, natural structure, favorable climate and public transportation facilities.

What to Know About Kartal

Kartal is home to aydos hill, which is the highest point of Istanbul. Kartal is located in a rapidly developing region such as Pendik and Sancaktepe. It offers families a quality and natural habitat with its sea and forests.

There are higher education institutions such as Istanbul City University and Ozcan Sabanci Faculty of Health Sciences, which is affiliated to Marmara University. There are 4 public hospitals, 3 private hospitals, 9 medical centers and 5 outpatient clinics in terms of health facilities. Investing in Kartal real estate allows you to benefit from uninterrupted and high level of education and health opportunities.

Kartal is between the Black Sea and Mediterranean in terms of climate. Therefore, transitions from summer to autumn and from winter to spring are not clearly noticeable.  Although snow can sometimes be seen in winter, summers are hot and dry. However, the temperature averages 24 degrees. 

In this aspect, Kartal offers a region to live in compared to other parts of Istanbul. The ever-evolving structure of the region also means increased value for investors.

Quality of Life

Kartal has a structure rich in socio-cultural life. In this regard, there are many indoor and outdoor movie theaters. Thus, it helps people to have a new and quality life. In addition, it offers a rich cultural life with its cultural centers.

It has a rich structure in terms of natural parks and helps families and children to have a more enjoyable time. It helps to improve yourself with sporting areas such as football, basketball courts and ice rinks.

Why Choose Kartal?

Kartal is a transit point in its location. With the effect of this, it has a dynamic structure. Kartal rea estate for investors helps to raise the profit you initially received in a short time. It also helps you achieve a high-level life by improving your quality of life.