Antalya’s Museums: A Bridge Between The Past And The Future

Antalya’s Museums: A Bridge Between The Past And The Future

Antalya’s Museums: A Bridge Between The Past And The Future

Unquestionably, culture and art are some of the elements that give a society its foundation and connect it to the past and perhaps the future. The best example of this is in museums. You will love Antalya’s museums and feel much more connected to the culture and beauty of Turkey. The more people who become citizens through property purchases visit and adore the historical sites, museums, and art galleries of their country of citizenship, the simpler it is for them to fit into society. For individuals who obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, there are museums in Antalya that will please them. Let’s discuss the splendors that await you when you purchase or rent a home in Antalya and relocate here.


Currently the Antalya Museum comprises of 15 exhibition halls totaling 40,000 square meters in size, open exhibition spaces for the display of sculptures and other artwork, and a garden. A foreigner who is intertwined with art can easily find a place here when she/he becomes a Turkish citizenship by real estate.


The second structure in the museum’s garden is an Orthodox church that was restored in 1863 and is thought to have been erected in honor of Aya Yorgi rectangular single volume, vaulted building has hand drawn decorations on the interior walls and ceiling. In the church, which was set up as an exhibition space after the restoration, cultural and artistic works from the Suna Inan Kirac collection are displayed and cultural events are planned.


The Antalya people quickly cleaned and equipped the Atatürk House, a two story stone structure with a tile roof that was once the governor’s office and dates to the turn of the 20th century and presented it to Atatürk.


The Late Classical, Hellenistic and primarily Roman Imperial periods all had significant planning influences on the Ancient City of Perge. With the expansion in the Hellenistic Period, the Late Classical Period’s acropolis plan was transferred to the lower city. The columned roadway that makes up the lower city’s North and South axis is notable as a well preserved example of urban planning. On the other hand, the water channel that travels north to south through the heart of the columned roadway is a significant design in this regard.


Two parts, for the preservation and display of archaeological and ethnographic items, were made available to the public in 1967. Over time a museum had to be established due to the accumulation and storage of relics in the area’s historic cities, and thus the Archeology Museum of was built.

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