Art Galleries In Ankara

Art Galleries In Ankara

Art Galleries In Ankara

The structure or location that plays host to a variety of art exhibitions, most notably those about the visual arts, is known as an art museum or art gallery. Museums of art can be either publicly or privately owned and operated, making them eligible for inclusion in either public or private categories. However, for a structure to be considered a museum, the very first requirement is for there to be a permanent collection housed within it.  

Painting is one of the forms of artistic expression that is displayed in these locations the most frequently. In addition, works from various art subgenres, including sculpture, decorative art, furniture, textile, costume, drawing, crayon, watercolor, collage, printed publications, art books, photography, and installation art, are frequently displayed in art museums and art galleries. These locations are also sometimes used for other types of events, such as concerts and performances of live art. 

People who travel to Ankara to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment have the opportunity to become entwined with art in the city’s many stunning art galleries. The following is a list of the art galleries in Ankara that allow individuals who have obtained Turkish citizenship as a result of investment to view art from a different point of view: 

  • Cer Modern 

Cer Modern, which first opened in Sihhiye in 2010, is situated directly behind the Ministry of Justice. You can bring your car since the gallery has a parking lot for patrons. It takes about ten minutes to walk to Shhiye from the bus stop. They host events related to the arts, such as workshops and performances, in addition to exhibitions. 

  • Gallery Black And White 

Gallery Siyah Beyaz is a fine art establishment that can be found in Kavaklidere, Cankaya. It first welcomed visitors in the year 1984. In addition to frequently hosting new exhibitions, the gallery also houses a bar for its visitors’ convenience. 

  • Arda Art Gallery 

The art gallery has been in its current location in Yildizevler, Cankaya since it first opened its doors back in 1989. The gallery makes an effort to include works by Turkish painters in the exhibitions that it curates. Both personal vehicles and public transportation can access the location. 

  • Gallery Soyut 

In 1990, the art gallery in the Yildizevler district became one of the first in the city to officially open its doors to the public. With a floor space of 600 square meters, it is Ankara’s most expansive and prestigious private art gallery. 

In addition to all of this, you also have the option of visiting the following art galleries: 

  • Armoni Art Gallery 
  • Nurol Art Gallery 
  • Gallery Nev 
  • Gozde Art Gallery 
  • Firca Art Gallery 
  • Eskiz Art Gallery