Buy The Property From The Safest Port Of Real Estate Companies: Mornvest

Buy The Property From The Safest Port Of Real Estate Companies: Mornvest

Why Should You Team Up With Mornvest?

Do you desire citizenship through investment? Do you prefer to invest your savings instead? At this point, Mornvest’s real estate consultants, the expert heroes of the real estate industry come into play. Many of us do not prefer the consultant in order to avoid paying a fee, but after reading about the advantages a real estate agent can provide you with, you may reconsider. The following is a list of benefits that Mornvest Real Estate consultants can offer;

  1. It is the real estate agent to whom you will explain the entire procedure from beginning to end.
  2. By giving you market reports, it makes you more aware.
  3. Our real estate consultants provide you with information on how to make the best investment.
  4. They choose the appropriate price because they are knowledgeable about the market.
  5. They will be your biggest supporters throughout the entire Turkey citizenship real estate process.

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, you only need to work with a real estate firm that does its job well and will never let you down. If you have not already met Mornvest, the main address for buying properties in Istanbul, we look forward to welcoming you to our office as soon as possible. Mornvest, which will always show the correct address with its dependability while you obtain Turkish citizenship, is always by your side in all legal proceedings required for your real estate investment. Mornvest is making it possible for you to take 20 steps forward, rather than two steps back, towards your dreams of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

For foreigners who are buying a home as an investment property, getting a residence permit is fairly simple. Foreigners who have purchased a home in Turkey are eligible to apply for a residence permit, provided that it is renewed periodically. They also have the right to apply for a residence permit for members of their immediate family. The children of foreign nationals can study in Turkey with this residency permit. Finding employment and obtaining a work permit within businesses are made simpler for foreign nationals with residency permits. Working with a company that steers the industry will always add value to your experience. Mornvest is the best company to work with when it comes to buying real estate in Turkey and it is the industry leader. 

How Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

If they adhere to the limitations outlined by the legislation, foreign nationals are permitted to purchase immovables in Turkey, such as homes, offices, plots, and fields. When a foreign national person purchases a plot of land, he/she is required to notify the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within two years of the type of building he intends to erect there. In this manner, the investor will act in accordance with all legal rules, whether for the purchase of an investment home or the acquisition of citizenship.

What Are The Restrictions On Foreigners Buying Property?

  1. The following limitations on foreigners purchasing real estate are mandated by the appropriate law;
  2. In all of Turkey, a foreign national may buy up to 30 hectares of property.
  3. In military restricted areas and security zones, foreigners are not permitted to purchase real estate. Only with special permission is renting possible.
  4. Up to 10 percent of the district’s area that is subject to private ownership may be purchased by foreign individuals.
  5. Even though they were purchased to build the building, properties that are found by legal institutions to not be used in line with the purpose of purchase and that are not informed about the building type within 2 years may be sold by official institutions.
  6. Companies having legal personalities established in line with their home country’s legislation are exempt from the aforementioned restrictions.

The wisest move you will ever make in life is to invest in real estate. We will stand by you in support of all the choices you will make as a member of the Mornvest Real Estate family.