Camping Places In Trabzon

Camping Places In Trabzon

Camping Places In Trabzon

Trabzon is like a breath of fresh air for Turkey thanks to its exotic cuisine, warm and welcoming people, and verdant forests. Over the past few years, Trabzon has become an important center for highland tourism and one of the most popular destinations in the Eastern Black Sea Region. Trabzon is one of the essential destinations in the region. Camping in one of Trabzon’s many spots combining blue and green is popular among tourists and locals who appreciate nature. The camping areas in Trabzon are perfect for those who have recently settled in the city after purchasing a home and are looking for a place to go on weekend excursions away from the city. 

Buying real estate in Trabzon will bring you a prosperous future. Sometimes we must forego the comforts of our luxury homes to reconnect with mother nature. When this occurs, you have the opportunity to begin exploring Turkey, the country of which you are a citizen, and some of its most beautiful camping areas by purchasing property in the city of Trabzon. You have taken the first step into a bright and tranquil future when you obtain real estate in Trabzon. Now, it is time to go on an adventure through the campgrounds.

  • Uzungol Camping Area

Minibusses can take you to the Karester Plateau, which has an elevation of 2270 meters. It is approximately 85 kilometers from the city center. It would help if you did some climbing after visiting Uzungol. The Karester Plateau is one of the few places in the region where you can camp in the wilderness. With a view of Uzungol, it is an ideal place to relax, think, and escape from the city for a while. Suitable for tent camping and fire-making. You can use the restrooms and fountains at the nearby mosques and cafes. In addition, there is a market nearby. You are welcome to stay for free.

  • Arakli Camping Area

Pazarcik Plateau is one of the plateaus in Arakl, which has many plateaus. The plateau has very cool weather and is frequently preferred due to its location about 30 minutes from the center and ease of transportation.  The plateau, where you can camp wherever you want, is free to use. However, because there are no toilets or fountains, you must satisfy your needs in the surrounding residential areas.

  • Mavura Camping Area

It is 50 kilometers from Trabzon’s city center. The plateau has lush vegetation and is ideal for nature walks and wildlife observation.

  • Lapazan Camping Area

The Lapazan Plateau is about 50 kilometers from the city center. There are no means of transportation available near the plateau. Because there is no work done on the roads, off-road vehicles would be preferable. In addition, the plateau has no facilities, so you have a better chance of seeing wildlife, greenery, and nature.

  • Duzkoy Nature Camping

It is approximately 40 kilometers from Trabzon’s city center. You can quickly get there by public transportation. Camping in Duzkoy is an excellent opportunity to socialize while participating in sports in the fresh air of the Black Sea. Mini golf, mountain biking, paintball, football, volleyball, basketball, and badminton are available at the camp.