Capital Ankara: An Overview

Capital Ankara: An Overview

Capital Ankara: An Overview

Ankara, Turkey’s capital and second largest city with a population of over 5 million, is a student city with more than 20 universities located there. The 25 districts that makeup Ankara Province provide residents with a wide variety of year-round social, cultural, athletic, and artistic opportunities. These opportunities stem from the presence of a thriving industrial sector, a highly functioning bureaucracy, a wealth of international institutions, and a strong non-governmental organization sector.

Characteristics Of Ankara’s Geography And Climate

Ankara is the capital and largest city of Turkey and occupies a space of 25,437 km2 to the northwest of Central Anatolia, between the Kizilirmak and Sakarya Rivers. Ankara, which is about 850 meters above sea level on average, features a continental climate. So, the winters are chilly and snowy, and the summers are hot and dry with mild evenings. The wettest months are May and October, with average monthly temperatures ranging from 0 to 17 degrees Celsius (32 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit) and annual precipitation averaging 0 to 20 percent.


Located 28 kilometers from the heart of Ankara, Esenboga International Airport serves both domestic and international flights. The airport has both indoor and outdoor parking, restaurants, shops, a bank, car rentals, and taxis. BELKOAIR buses run nonstop between the city’s central bus station and the airport. The Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal provides access to road transportation to Ankara (ASTI). Located among Europe’s largest bus terminals, this terminal features restaurants, a safe deposit box, bank ATMs, and a taxi service. ASTI, which is located on a minibus, metro, and bus routes, is accessible from almost every point in the city center due to its central location. In addition, transportation to Esenboga International Airport is available 24 hours a day from ASTI.

In terms of rail transportation, Ankara connects the country’s east and west. It is possible to reach Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Balikesir, Ankara-Isparta-Burdur, Ankara-Zonguldak, Ankara-Adana, Ankara-Elazig-Diyarbakır by rail transportation. Alternatively, in addition to transportation services, the 2016-opened High-Speed Train Station also provides social and cultural services, including commercial areas, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. There are high-speed train services between Ankara and Istanbul, Ankara and Eskişehir, and Ankara and Konya.

Economics, Politics, And Finance

After Istanbul, Ankara is Turkey’s second-biggest financial hub. A large portion of the city’s manufacturing takes place in authorized industrial zones, and there are several industries in the area. The sectors of manufacturing, mechanical engineering, food and medical production, furniture and textiles, agriculture, and so forth all employ large numbers of people. Numerous businesses fall under the medium-to-small size range. Up to 40 percent of businesses in the nation’s capital and its environs have a mechanical engineering focus. Also, behind Istanbul, Ankara is Turkey’s second-largest credit and financial hub. Remember that it is in this area where the various diplomatic missions and consular offices of the various countries are situated.


Ankara is home to many museums, notably the one dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. There are hundreds of media companies, dozens of cinemas, eight governmental theaters and twenty-one private theaters in the city. Numerous reputable publishing firms put out influential periodicals. There is a thriving cultural scene, and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in structured forms of recreation. From language and athletics to arts and crafts and calligraphy and ebru, there are countless options for learning and socializing.

The Best Guide To Purchasing The Perfect Ankara Property

The steady expansion of Turkey’s real estate market has resulted in a corresponding expansion of the city’s built environment. Both newly constructed and older homes are available for rent or purchase in Ankara. Apartments for sale in Ankara include both residential and business options. Most of the buildings are in excellent shape, however, there are a few that may have some major work done on them. You need to be well-versed in the real estate market if you don’t want to waste your money on run-down residences.

Even if you are very familiar with the real estate market in Ankara but do not currently live there, you should still conduct thorough research before making any investments in the local housing market. Find a good real estate agent first, as this will simplify the rest of the process for you. These real estate agents will assist you in determining the best neighborhoods in which to buy an apartment in Ankara, taking into account your financial situation and the requirements you require. However, when you are a foreigner, not all agents will be as helpful as others. Because of this, the first step is to verify that the representative possesses both experience and expertise.

Because investing money in real estate is such a significant endeavor, developing a spending plan is an unavoidable responsibility. After you have purchased apartments for sale, you will be tasked with the responsibility of completing renovations on the property, which will incur additional costs. Even if the location is in good condition, you will still need to pay careful attention to the process of furnishing, decorating, and completing other important tasks, as these can become intolerable if they are not planned for in advance.

If you want to buy an apartment in Ankara that is in good condition and has been well-kept, you should look for locations in areas with high demand. There are various neighborhoods in Ankara that are particularly desirable, and several of these neighborhoods have recently built villas, flats, and apartments that are available for purchase. The value of these places tends to increase every few years, and as a result, the value of the property also tends to increase. Therefore, if you are able to pay a little bit more, you will almost certainly earn twice as much money when you resell real estate in Ankara.