Demographic Feature Of Yalova

Demographic Feature Of Yalova

Yalova Province is a province that is constantly flooded with immigrants. Our citizens of Black Sea origin and Balkan immigrants make up the population structure. Even though people move there from all over Turkey, the population has grown a lot in recent years, especially from the Southeastern Anatolia Region. This migration has been slowed to some extent by the East Marmara Earthquake on August 17, 1999. Rapid development in the construction sector has been observed in tandem with the province’s population increase due to immigration growth. Yalova is a tourist suburb of Istanbul, so the province has a large number of summer cottages. 

The population density in Turkey in 2015 was 275 people per km2, which is approximately 2.7 times the country’s average of 101 people. There are 116,150 men and 116,859 women in the province’s total population of 233,009 people. Yalova (112,183 population), Cifftlikköy (27,263 population), and Cinarcik are the province’s first three settlements in terms of population size (14,086 population). The most important reason for the province’s high rate of population growth is the large amount of population that comes with immigration. Between 1995 and 2013, a total of 98,444 people immigrated to Yalova, while 78,808 people migrated to other provinces. During this time, 44.7% of our province’s total population was made up of people who moved there. 

Reasons To Purchase A Home In Yalova 

Yalova Beach is a tranquil place. Additionally, some lovely cafes serve excellent coffee. Every summer, a sizable number of people visit this beach. Everyone enjoys Yalova’s climate because it is so pleasant. Yalova’s winter is warm and humid, and its summer is hot. Winter is when it rains the most heavily. Purchasing a home in Yalova will give you the freedom to enjoy all four seasons. 

Yalova has many hot springs dating back to ancient times. These water resources were used for medical purposes during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Today, tourists from all over the world visit Yalova to enjoy the hot springs, and Yalova is Turkey’s main health tourism centre. Purchasing a home in Yalova ensures easy access to the hot springs. 

There will be no problems with transportation in Yalova. You can come to Yalova using whatever mode of transportation you prefer. In Istanbul, there are two airports close to Yalova: Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Purchasing a home in Yalova will also provide you with easy access to Istanbul.