Economy Of Ankara

Economy Of Ankara
  • Agriculture

Ankara’s agriculture is primarily based on field products. After Konya, it is Turkey’s second-largest grain (wheat) warehouse. It has a large cultivable area. Potatoes are grown in large quantities in addition to wheat, oats, barley, legumes, industrial crops, sugar beet, tuber crops, and vegetable and fruit varieties. Pears and grapes are well-known fruits. Agriculture also includes the production of barley, oats, sugar beets, melon, watermelon, and vegetables. Fruits such as pears, apples, apricots, cherries, sour cherries, plums, and walnuts are grown, even though it is not common. Grapes are the most widely grown fruit. Ankara is a significant province in terms of animal husbandry. The Angora goat is also known as the “Ankara goat.” Ankara is the Angora goat’s birthplace. The number of horses and buffaloes is decreasing as the use of motor vehicles in agriculture increases. Poultry farming is also very important. Ankara honey is also well-known, and its production is abundant. 

  • Mines

Mining resources are limited. There are, however, some mines. The amount of lignite mined in Nallihan has surpassed 150 thousand tons. Iron can be found in Bala and Beypazar, lignite in Nallihan and Beypazari, gypsum in Ayaş and Bala, marble in Cubuk and Nallihan, and manganese in the vicinity of Haymana, Kalecik, and Polatli. The province contains molybdenum, tungsten, bentonite, trona, feldspar, clay, magnesite, perlite, salt, and pumice stone.

  • Industry

It is one of our country’s leading industrial and commercial centers. It has advanced in industry, manufacturing, and food. There are mills for flour, pasta, sugar, oil, weaving, milk, butter, meat combinations, leather, and knitting. The number of factories producing cement, brick, tile, and construction machinery is rapidly increasing. The center and its surrounding districts have a large number of factories. Since 1956, the city has been linked to the “Interconnected” energy system. Hirfanli, Saryar, Kesikköprü, Catalagzi, and Cayirhan hydroelectric power plants meet the majority of the province’s energy needs. Air pollution, which had reached dangerous levels in Ankara province, has been reduced as a result of recent measures.

Real Estate In Ankara, Turkey

Experts in the real estate market attest to the brisk structuring of the housing construction industry and the consistent growth of the housing sales market. High-quality new residential areas are being built all over Ankara, radiating outward from the city’s core. An increase in the number of advertisements for real estate in Ankara follows. 

Apartments for sale in Ankara can be found all over the city. Ankara’s real estate industry has seen some major successes in recent years. Residential, shopping centers, hotels, office plazas, and public investment projects have all contributed to the area’s rise to prominence as a prime location for capitalization in the wake of massive urban renewal initiatives. A person can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Ankara.