Economy Of Yalova

Economy Of Yalova

Economy Of Yalova

Chemical product manufacturing, the carbon fiber shipbuilding industry, health tourism (medical, thermal, elderly, and disabled tourism), ornamental plant production, and kiwi production have been prominent sectors in Yalova’s economy in recent years. Greenhouse and ornamental plant production contribute significantly to agricultural output in terms of economic input. Yalova has adopted a planned industrialization model that prioritizes environmentally friendly industrial investments, high qualified employment capacity, and a focus on domestic production.

Mold Manufacturing Specialized OIZ, Yalova Composite and Chemistry Specialized OIZ, Vehicles Sub-Industry Specialized OIZ, Ship Supply Industry Specialized OIZ, Imes Machinery Specialized OIZ, Avrasya Clothing Specialized OIZ, and Yalova Cicekcilik Agriculture-Based Specialized OIZ, all of which are still in the planning stages, will bring in approximately $1 billion in investment. 

Yalova is a strategic center for carbon fiber and acrylic fiber production. Yalova is home to the world’s largest integrated acrylic fiber production facility under one roof, which is privately owned and has a 17% global market share. Carbon fiber, the future’s raw material, is produced in Yalova after R&D studies. It is currently produced in only 8 locations around the world, excluding Turkey. Although greenhouse and ornamental plant production has a small share in terms of area, it has a large share in terms of the economic input it provides in agricultural production. 

In Turkey, ornamental plant production takes place in an area of about 49 thousand decares, and about 3 thousand decares are used for production in Yalova. Yalova produces a total of 162 million flowers. The production has a monetary value of 400 million Turkish Liras. After Antalya and Izmir, Yalova ranks third in Turkey in this category. Not only is the product consumed in domestic markets, but it is also exported.

Why Should One Invest In Turkish Real Estate? 

The warm welcome and breathtaking landscapes of Turkish culture are well-known around the world. Investing in real estate in this desirable country is a smart move because the country is home to a sizable market for both buying and renting homes. Over the past decade, Turkish real estate market has expanded dramatically. Buildings with luxurious amenities and cutting-edge technology are springing up throughout this country. 

Since it is easily convertible to cash, it is a hot commodity among property buyers and sellers. In this country, you can find a wide variety of luxury flats listed for sale. Apartments in residential districts for sale typically have a wide range of amenities and services, as well as top-notch infrastructure. You should invest in Turkish real estate right now because of the country’s steady economic expansion, which is improving the property’s resale value.