From Istanbul’s Maximum Property To Nature’s Tranquility

From Istanbul’s Maximum Property To Nature’s Tranquility

From Istanbul’s Maximum Property To Nature’s Tranquility

Istanbul is surely a piece of heaven for anyone looking to Turkish citizenship by investment. We all put forth a lot of effort during the week to maintain our busy schedules, so on the weekend we look for and deep stillness. The same rules apply to those who wish to become Turkish citizenship. You will probably fantasize about relaxing on the weekends if Istanbul is where you want to live and work. We also spend a large portion of our life at home, therefore we want it to be as pleasant and luxury as possible.

Those who desire to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate pay attention to this topic, among others. For you, luxury real estate is the best option. You’ll get much more from luxury homes in İstanbul than you could have ever imagined. It can be challenging to decide between buying real estate and all the available homes. But at this point, working with a real estate firm that will simplify your job will be convenient for you in every way. Mornvest, which holds a reputable position in Estate Istanbul, is constantly available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Aside from luxury real estate, there are countless options for weekend vacations in Istanbul. Together, let’s visit these locations, which are isolated from the sounds of the outside world.


When we think of natural areas in Istanbul, one of the first places that comes to mind is Polonezkoy. It is one of the few locations where greenery and forests have been protected and serves as Istanbul’s majestic garden for families who enjoy spending time in nature. Following the Polonezkoy signs on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge after making the will bring you to this Polish founded village that was placed under protection during the Ottoman Empire. Following a nature walk in Polonezkoy Nature Park, you may have a village breakfast at one of the country restaurants or host a self catering event while sipping tea or coffee at the coffee shop in the town center.

  • RIVA

One of the locations that may be accessed from the heart of Istanbul to the sea, sand, and sun triad in the summer is Riva. Sitting on the beach and listening to the waves is soothing, even in the spring and on sunny winter days. It is worth your pleasure to add the joy of breakfast at the eateries where the Riva Stream meets the Black Sea or a feast of appetizers and seafood.


When you stray from the path in the Belgrad Forest, the most well-known forest area on the European Side, which has a 6 kilometer walking and running track, it’s possible to come across quite beautiful streams and ponds. Particularly in the spring and fall, it is fairly visually impressive. To avoid crowds, arrive as early as you can in public locations. We believe that having a breakfast picnic following a leisurely stroll around Mother Earth is the finest option here.


The largest grove in the heart of Istanbul, Yildiz Park, is situated between Besiktas and Ortakoy and provides visitors a breathtaking display of natural beauty and color in the heart of the city. You can stop for food and beverages at the Tent Pavilion, Malta Pavilion, Country Coffee, the picnic tables arranged along Yildiz Park’s perimeter, or on the grassy area under the trees.


On the incline of a valley covered with trees lies a mountain house named Kulindag. You can spend the night in one of the bungalows around the chalet or visit Kulindag for the day and eat breakfast or lunch on the terrace café overlooking the forest. Additionally, while singing around the campfire in the nights, you can relive your scouting days.


A port community on the Black Sea coast, Karaburun Port is connected to Arnavutkoy, which also happens to be the location of the Cekmece lakes, and is one of the Natural Places to Visit on the European Side of Istanbul. The community, which is located nearer to those who reside in Europe Side, has an infinite beach and a well known fisherman by the name of Hanimeli. Due to the newly constructed road leading to Gokturk Kemerburgaz, there is a strong demand for this fishermen because it is so accessible.

Get Turkish Citizenship To Enjoy Istanbul’s Glitzy Opportunities

Why do you only travel to Turkey as a tourist to enjoy Istanbul’s countless historical and natural splendors? By acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment, you can travel anytime you like, all year long, to locations that are only a few kilometers from your property. There are many good reasons to travel this part of the world. You can enter a fantastic world by opening the doors that Mornvest has waiting for you in its office.