History Of Yalova

History Of Yalova

History Of Yalova

The region’s settlement is thought to have begun in the Neolithic Age (8,000-5.500 BC). Although there is no definitive information on the origins of Yalova, BC. It is thought that the Bithynians (Bithynians) founded it as a settlement in the 7th century after crossing from Thrace to Asia Minor and establishing a kingdom east of the Marmara Sea. The Yalova region became part of the Kingdom of Bithynia when the Bithynians settled on the eastern shores of the Sea of Marmara. It is seen in the 6th century among the lands of the Bithynia Kingdom. B.C. The Bithynians expelled them from their lands after defeating Kalas, the commander appointed by Alexander the Great to Bithynia, between 377 and 327 BC. Gemlik, Myrlia (Mudanya), and the Yalova region were given to Macedonian King Philip 5 as gifts during the reign of Prusias I, who reigned between 230 and 182 years.  

Hannibal, King of Carthage, sought refuge from the Roman Empire with Prusias I, King of Bithynia. As a gift to Prusias I, Hannibal established the city of Prusa od Olympum (Bursa). B.C. Yalova and its surrounding region, which fell under the control of the Roman Empire in 74, M.S. When the Roman Empire was split in two in 395, the Byzantine Empire remained within the borders of Eastern Rome. In 1326, the Ottoman State Commander Gazi Abdurrahman conquered the Yalova region, where various nations lived, from the Phrygians to the Bithynians, from the Seljuks to the Byzantines, and became the eternal Turkish homeland. 

Yalova was a county affiliated with the Bursa Central Sanjak in 1867, but in 1901 it was linked to the independent Izmit Sanjak. Yalova, which was occupied by Greek military units during the War of Independence, was liberated from enemy occupation with a great struggle on July 19, 1921. It was made a district and connected to the Province of Istanbul by a law enacted at Atatürk’s request on June 2, 1929, Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, visited Yalova for the first time after the War of Independence on August 19, 1929, ensured the reconstruction of Termal. Atatürk was the first guest of the Thermal Hotel, which opened on January 22, 1938, and spent 9 days in Yalova.  

During the 1929 construction of the Millet Farm, Atatürk, seeing that the tree in the west would be cut down when he reached the second floor, moved the building’s foundation to the east, preventing the tree from being cut down. As a result, the mansion is dubbed the Walking Mansion. Yalova, which Atatürk referred to as “My City” and “Pioneer to Liberation,” became a summer capital and was included among Istanbul’s districts in 1930 at Atatürk’s request. Yalova was separated from Istanbul and became a province in 1995.

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