International Schools Are A Crucial Next Step After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

International Schools Are A Crucial Next Step After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

International Schools Are A Crucial Next Step After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

For families obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, the education of their children is a crucial concern. Many families want their children to attend international schools. As a result, there are numerous schools in Turkey that cater to all needs. This post is best for you if you are looking for the greatest educational institutions in Turkey for international students and persons who have earned Turkish citizenship.

Foreign students who get Turkish citizenship, like all pupils, tend to attend international schools. In addition, the learning level in these schools is often higher. Although the fees of foreign schools in Turkey are expensive, the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are some of the reasons;

  1. There is a bilingual education system in place, and each school uses a different primary language of instruction. Additionally, English is used as the basic medium of instruction because kids from all cultures attend many institutions.
  2. Similar to other international schools around the world, all schools use internationally recognized curricula.
  3. They have a global and multicultural structure because they have a large number of pupils from many nations.
  4. The classrooms do not have many students in them. Each pupil is given particular attention as a result of this.
  5. Schools offer numerous, high-quality resources for persons obtaining Turkish citizenship. As a result, they have the opportunity to grow socially outside of the classroom.
  • Istanbul British International School

The school, which is situated in Zekeriyakoy Sariyer, provides a modified English curriculum. There are additional classes offered in German, Spanish, French, and English. 

  • International Community School of Istanbul

This school only educates international pupils. As a result, the only language of instruction is English. The school has two campuses; One is in Rumeli Hisar, close to the Bosphorus, for children ages 3 to 9, and the other is in Büyükçekmece for those ages 3 to 18.

  • American High School in Uskudar

This school features an American-style curriculum and employs English as its major medium of instruction. It is also among Turkey’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions.

  • British Schools In Tarabya 

The national curricula of Turkey’s two languages are being combined for the first time at this school. All courses, with the exception of Turkish Language and Culture, are taught in English. There are four campuses total for the school.

  • International School Safir

The most well known school among Arab residents is this one. The curriculum of the school is designed in accordance with American standards. Both Arabic and English are used to teach Islamic subjects. There is language instruction available in English, Arabic, and Turkish.

  • The Private French High School Notre Dame De Sion

The institution situated in Harbiye, in Istanbul. In the usual French high school curriculum, education is taught. Turkish and French are used as the primary teaching languages. However, instruction in English is provided as a foreign language.

Foreign Students Have The Chance To Attend International Schools In Istanbul

If you acquired Turkish citizenship by investment, you have significant challenges to address. One of the most important decisions after get Turkish citizenship is deciding which school your child will attend if you have children.

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