International Schools In Trabzon

International Schools In Trabzon

International Schools In Trabzon

Turkey welcomes a large number of foreigners from all over the world for a variety of reasons, including working, settling, and emigrating.  There are numerous options for people who want to live in Turkey for a short period or permanently. The Turkish education system provides a constantly changing and approved style of education. If you want your children to receive a world-class education and not face difficulties when they decide to continue their education in another country, Turkey has a wide range of international schools to choose from. International schools in Turkey provide a high-quality, multicultural, bilingual education that has been accredited by American and European institutions. 

Their curricula differ from those of Turkish schools, but some of them are accredited by the Ministry of National Education. International schools offer a multicultural environment with students from all over the world. Their curriculum and primary language of instruction vary by school but are mostly in English. They are accredited to various world classes and facilitate easy transitions between schools in different countries. Their curricula, languages, and other requirements differ, as do their tuition fees. As a result, it is preferable to compile a list and contact them directly for more information. International schools in Trabzon are as follows:

  • TED Trabzon College

Foreign Language Education in TED Schools Secondary and High School Departments is student-centered and designed to develop listening-speaking-reading-writing skills. Students can express themselves and use the foreign language in a variety of settings. Different teaching techniques are used because students have different learning strategies.

  • College of Natural Trabzon

International students are served by separate programs. English is taught as the mother tongue.

  • ITU ETA Doga College

It provides international students with their own distinct set of programs. The education is conducted in English, which is the mother tongue. Arab students have the option of taking Arabic classes as well.

The Benefits Of Real Estate Investment In Trabzon

In addition, throughout a single year, the area had a rise in the cost of apartments by 11 percent  and a rise in the cost of residential land by 15 percent. This was the consequence of Trabzon being ranked fifth on the list of Turkey’s cities with the highest real estate sales volume, and the number of real estate businesses operating in Trabzon tripled in only one year. Arab real estate investments, in particular, contribute to an increase in the number of tourists visiting the region. Persons in the real estate industry in Trabzon claim that Arab investors are now buying up big plots of land and another real estate in the surrounding towns of the Black Sea region, not only in the city.