Invest In Real Estate In Sisli

Invest In Real Estate In Sisli

Invest In Real Estate In Sisli

On the European side of Istanbul, Sisli is a district. Sisli, which comprises 25 districts, is bordered on the east by Besiktas, on the north and west by Kagithane, and on the south by Beyolu.

In the Sisli area, which does not have a seaside, there are several historical sites, workplaces, modern commerce centers, culture and art centers. With the split of Kagithane into a distinct district in 1987, the Sisli district, which became a district in 1954, was geographically divided into two. The Ayazaga, Maslak, and Huzur neighborhoods in the north formed a cluster, but the rest neighborhoods formed a separate cluster. In 2012, the northern of these two clusters, which are joined by Buyukdere Street, was split from Sisli and linked to Sariyer. Sisli is a very opulent and welcoming neighborhood for investors seeking Turkish citizenship.


There is a legend that the name Sisli originated from a family that worked as skewer makers. Another theory is that the term Sisli stems from the fact that it is topographically positioned in a high-altitude area on the Beyolu Plateau.

Education and Hospitals

The educational institutions in the Sisli District are plentiful. Within the district’s limits, there are 14 preschools, 36 primary schools, and 29 secondary schools. Nişantaş Anatolian High School (formerly Nişantaş Girls’ High School), Notre Dame de Sion French High School, Nişantaş Nuri Akn Anatolian High School (formerly Nişantaş Girls’ High School), Saint Michel High School and Sisli Anatolian High School are two well known secondary schools in the district.

Within the district’s boundaries are campuses of Marmara, Istanbul Bilgi, Beykent, Bahçeşehir, Halic, Istanbul Bilim, Nisantasi, and Okan Universities, as well as Concept and Sisli vocational schools.

Within the district’s limits, there are two state hospitals (Sisli Etfal Hospital and Prof. Dr. Cemil Taşcolu City Hospital), 18 private hospitals, 201 pharmacies, and three nursing homes. II. Sisli Etfal Hospital, founded by Abdülhamid in memory of his daughter Hatice Sultan, who died in 1898 at the age of eight months, is Turkey’s first pediatric hospital and the first health institution to follow modern hospital management. Together with Etfal Hospital, one of Sisli’s oldest health facilities, French Lape Hospital is Turkey’s first modern psychiatric hospital.


Following the Zincirlikuyu Mecidiyeköy route, the O-1 Highway, which is the link road of the 15 July Sehitler Koprusu Bridge, one of the bridges connecting the two sides of Istanbul, enters the Kagithane District. Buyukdere Avenue, which runs from Sisli Mosque to Sariyer District, intersects with Istanbul 1st Ring Road and O-2 Highway, which are the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge’s link routes. Other prominent traffic axes are Piyalepaşa Boulevard and Halaskargazi Avenue.
The Bomonti-Dolmabahçe Tunnel is 2.4 kilometers long and runs from the north of Vodafone Park in Dolmabahçe to the Bomonti district in the Sisli district, passing through the districts of Taksim, Kurtuluş, and Feriköy. 2+2 lane, 500-600 meter long connection connects the tunnel to the Piyalepasa area of Beyolu. It connects with the Piyalepasa-Kagithane Tunnel, which is the project’s first section.


The population of the Sisli district, like that of all other districts in Istanbul, has been steadily increasing. With the separation of Kagithane in 1987, the population, which had risen between 1965 and 1985, was cut in half. The district now has a population of 274,420 people after the split of the northern half, which includes the neighborhoods of Ayazaga, Maslak, and Huzur, into Sisli District in 2012. Istanbul is home to about a quarter of the population. Those born in Sivas, Ordu, Kastamonu, and Erzincan make up a sizable portion of the Sisli population. Non Muslims make up a small percentage of the population, though not as much as they used to.

Value Of Investment

In the last month, the prices of houses for sale in Sisli grew by 18.68 percent. While the average price per square meter in the Sisli district is 20,987 ₺, the payback period is predicted to be 17 years. According to the 2022 Turkey real estate index and regional report, the average price of a 100 square meter property purchased in the Sisli district ranged from 1.674.876 ₺ to 2.876.410 ₺.

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