Istanbul The Artistic Capital

Istanbul The Artistic Capital

Istanbul The Artistic Capital

For those looking to invest their way into Turkish citizenship, Istanbul is a true work of art. Let we show you to a few art galleries that are beautiful enough to make you consider purchasing real estate.


Turkish and foreign artists are welcomed by the international gallery Anna Laudel in its Istanbul location. The gallery’s artists use a variety of and are mainly influenced by traditional Turkish art and culture.


Having its first location in Istanbul Tesvikiye since 2011, Gallery Miz hosts both domestic and foreign artists. Young and established artists are both welcome at Gallery Miz, which was founded with the intention of serving as both a gallery and a forum for contemporary art. Together with all cultural institutions, Gallery Miz works on social responsibility initiatives.

Apart from presenting contemporary art, it contributes to Istanbul’s cultural landscape through lecture programs with prominent visitors and seminar programs on contemporary art. With its guest artist program, it draws worldwide young artists to the Istanbul art scene and adheres to an open approach to all visual art fields. People wanting Turkish citizenship will appreciate Turkish culture and will not avoid international platforms because of its transnational nature.


Pi Artworks, which has a branch outside of Istanbul in London, crosses boundaries, forges connections, unearths shared histories, and creates bridges between artists from various geographic locations working on related subjects. It stands for the various names that it incorporates each year, both domestically and internationally. Pi Artworks; Also leads international discussions on politics, critical thinking, and art history. The galleries of art is the ideal location for you to invest in Turkish citizenship.


Sanatorium was launched as an initiative, but it soon evolved into a gallery and began to conduct business on a variety of national and international platforms. Instead than looking for continuity among the artists represents, concentrates on the constancy of an artist’s practice. Represents artists whose works frequently incorporate experimentation and critical thought. The gallery’s primary goal is to serve as a forum for intellectual perspectives, even when those perspectives are at odds with one another.


By planning interactive workshops, seminars, and experiential based activities alongside exhibition projects, the Vision Art Platform unites audiences from many backgrounds. It links traditional art to modern art and interdisciplinary endeavors like Pop Art, Traditional Art and Street Art.

It also plans events where art lovers can advance their knowledge of various aspects of art, in addition to art and artist meeting and other activities. Participants learn from artists, curators, scholars, and art professionals with knowledge in a variety of fields, including collecting, reading, art history  and curatorial techniques.


A gallery called Mixer works to boost young, brilliant artists’ at home and abroad while supporting them in the early stages of their careers. In addition to the shows on its schedule, the gallery also plans educational events and workshops to support artists, ensuring the visibility of Turkish and foreign artist by taking part in fairs and exhibitions abroad. Additionally, it promotes the city’s vibrant art culture. When you obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate, there are outstanding art centers available to you if you are interested in art in your own country.

Istanbul A City For Art Enthusiasts

Art represents inner calm and a sound soul. One of the most significant things to nourish the soul is art. Everyone have an artistic soul, but it is crucial to recognize it. Istanbul is one of the best destinations for you if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment and believe that your love of the arts transcends anything else. One of the rich cultures is Turkish culture. You will be greeted with an infinite grasp of art if you arrive in Istanbul by buying real estate. 

You can fulfill your ambitions in Istanbul, the land of art, thanks to Mornvest, one of the top firms in the Istanbul real estate world. Purchase real estate in Istanbul, the global center of culture and the arts. Obtain Turkish citizenship by investment would enable you to feed your soul in addition to giving you a bright future.