Izmir’s Admirable Art Galleries

Izmir’s Admirable Art Galleries

Izmir’s Admirable Art Galleries

The only thing that can transport people to locations that are much more lovely than where they now are is art. You will be psychologically dragged to a much calmer existence as a result of the tranquility, happiness, and possibility to reach new frontiers that art provides. This will transport you away from your stressful day to day life. If you are considering acquiring real estate in Izmir, known as the “heart of art” and the “jewel of the Aegean,” the following is a list of some of the art galleries that will cause a shift in the beat of your heart.

  • Arkas Art Center
  • The Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center
  • Sabanci Culture Center
  • Kedi Culture and Art Center
  • Art shop art gallery
  • Akbank Izmir Art Gallery
  • Cetin Emec Art Gallery
  • Begum Art Gallery
  • The Cizgelikedi Visual Culture Center
  • Gallery of Diogenes
  • Nova Art 
  • Ege Art Center
  • Bostanli Art 
  • Fun Art House
  • Kopru Fine Arts Culture

Information Regarding The Real Estate Tax Exemption In Turkey Including All The Necessary Details

Turkey’s Property Tax Exemptions

A real tax exempt status in Turkey refers to a Turkish Law Act enacted on February 23, 2017 that exempts foreign nationals and Turks living outside the country (for more than six months) from valuation tax on real estate purchases in Turkey, with the goal of encouraging and increasing purchases and investment in Turkish real estate transactions.

What Is Turkey’s Property Tax Exemption?

The tax exemption in Turkey includes VAT when purchasing a property, which is 18% for office spaces (shops and offices) and 1-7%-17% for luxury homes.

What Isn’t Exempt From Turkish Property Taxes?

The Turkish real estate tax exemption statute excludes property transfer expenses, yearly taxes, service charges, and subscription fees.

What Are The Requirements To Qualify For A Tax Exempt Status On Real Estate In Turkey?

According to Turkey’s legislation on tax exemptions for Turkish real estate, the applicant for exemption must demonstrate that they satisfy all of the following requirements:

There has been no prior continuous residency in Turkey for at least six months.

The money that comes from outside Turkey and is used to acquire Turkish real estate must either be moved via a foreign bank to a Turkish bank inside the country, or it must be brought in through an airport and recorded there. For any and all inquiries you may have about the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate exemption and investment, our office in Mornvest is here to assist you and is always ready to welcome you.