Izmir’s Loveliest Swimming Spots

Izmir’s Loveliest Swimming Spots

Izmir’s Loveliest Swimming Spots

In Izmir, there is a shade of blue to suit the personality of every resident: chick blue, solitary blue, flashy blue, simple blue, barren blue, advanced blue… We have compiled a list of breathtaking swimming locations in Izmir, which is home to 47 beaches that have earned the coveted “blue flag” designation and some of the top surfing areas in the world. This guide is intended for those who cannot get enough of the sea. As a result of the growing popularity of the Turkish citizenship by investment program, it is possible to notice a large number of foreign investors on the beaches. Izmir swimming spots are listed for those investors who have a passion for the sea.

  1. Mimoza Bay
  2. Yeni Foca Public Beach 
  3. Pissa Bay
  4. Ilica Beach
  5. Delikli Bay
  6. Ildiri
  7. Bay Aya Yorgi
  8. Boyalik
  9. Bodrum Bay
  10. Ovacik Beach
  11. Sazlica Beach

Advice For Those Looking To Purchase An Apartment In Turkey

One of the most popular search queries on the internet is “Tips for buying an apartment in Turkey,” which refers to advice on purchasing real estate in Turkey. Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase if you want to buy an apartment and plan to conduct a search visit to multiple places before making a decision. Do not place too much stock in your first thoughts, and be aware that there are a number of factors that need to be considered before you come to a conclusion. When looking to purchase an apartment in Turkey, one must give careful thought to a number of factors and have an in-depth understanding of the real estate market in Turkey in order to get the most out of the opportunities that are available.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss many key considerations that should be kept in mind while investing in real estate.

Before you purchase an apartment in Turkey, you should think about the layout of the apartment rooms and determine whether or not it will be enough for you and your family, taking into account the number of family members as well as the ages of those individuals. Does it have room for the furniture? For instance, a room that is 8 to 9 meters in length has very little area for even a closet. In addition to that, check to see whether the apartment has a view to the north and whether or not it does. You will never, ever see the sun; it is possible that it may be dark during all four seasons, and the winter will be very frigid. Because of the possibly high humidity, their heating and energy bills will be much higher.

It is common knowledge that the apartment that faces the sun has improved air quality, greater lighting, and more natural ventilation during the majority of the day. Check to see what kind of size the apartment’s windows are; Are they huge and able to adequately ventilate the space, or are they small and have a view of the building next door? As a result, it is possible that you may never be able to draw back the curtains. Is it constructed with two layers of glass so that it can effectively insulate against sound? Does it have a mechanism that is both simple and adaptable to use?

When purchasing an apartment in Turkey and living in it, you must ask about the monthly expenses paid to the residential complex’s managers, the so called monthly dues, so as not to be startled after signing the purchase contract. It’s a monthly charge for cleaning, guarding, lighting, public utility upkeep, and occasionally services in residential complexes. When purchasing an apartment in Turkey, you must consider the best alternatives for your budget so as not to fall into financial troubles when you own your home, such as monthly payments, since you may not be able to make payments on time.