Luxury Real Estate Life Is Tiring, Nature Is Waiting For You

Luxury Real Estate Life Is Tiring, Nature Is Waiting For You

Luxury Real Estate Life Is Tiring, Nature Is Waiting For You

You can explore all of Istanbul’s splendors by acquiring Turkish citizenship by investing. Additionally, living in a big city like Istanbul should not stop you from going camping. There are several locations in Istanbul and the surrounding area where you may go on the weekend, pitch your tent, and relax in the majesty of the surrounding landscape. If you wish, you can buy real estate from an area close to the camping areas. If you wish, you can rent apartments in istanbul per month, which you have bought close to the camping areas.

Campgrounds Where You Can Unwind In Istanbul

  • Kilimli Campground

Kilimli Bay is another location in Sile, Agva, where you can camp. The surrounding natural beauty and the sea vista are breathtaking. You can pick this location if you wish to unwind alone and temporarily avoid city life. There are no facilities nearby due to the bay. However, you can get to them all on foot. There is a hiking route nearby as well. You can enjoy a relaxing walk in the outdoors while looking out over the Black Sea, and you can get some rest by dozing off to the sound of the waves in the evening.

  • Akcakese Campground

An magnificent panorama with a mixture of blue and green sea can be found at Akcakese Campground, where you may set your camp on verdant green meadows. The area is surrounded by the territory of Sile and is a very tranquil location. This is a tent camping area. Additionally, the location has amenities including a cafe, a fountain, and a shower where you may satisfy your needs. From any location in Istanbul, it is possible to get to Akcakese, which is located 18 kilometres from the district’s core.

  • Giritli Farm Campground

The location of Giritli Farm Rumelifeneri can be regarded as being close to the village center. The facility is one of the best places to enjoy a quiet and tranquil weekend getaway in nature. It is one of the camping and picnic areas that families with kids can select. Everything that must occur in agricultural life is considered over here. During your camping trip, the facilities can accommodate all of your needs.

  • Cilingoz Forest Nature Park Campground

Cilingoz Forest, one of Istanbul’s natural treasures, is regularly chosen for weekend hiking and camping excursions. You can spend the night here and sleep in your tent to the sound of the waves, or you can simply stroll down the coast and unwind by dipping your toes into the azure waters of the Black Sea.

  • Malatra Bay Campground

Malatra Bay, one of Istanbul’s serene and tranquil locations, is a spot that people who just want to unwind may appreciate. Considering that there are not any restrooms, showers, fountains, or buffets here. no access to the internet. Lighting a fire and taking in the sound of the waves and the crackling of wood will help you unwind. Sadly, there is no public transportation nearby. Private car owners can park their vehicles at the campsite’s closest 2 km away and walk there in 20 minutes.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Opens Doors To Nature

Of course, this list does not include all of Istanbul’s campgrounds. The five most popular campgrounds in Istanbul can make the idea of Turkish citizenship by investment more appealing. Istanbul is one of the few cities in Europe and the world with such wonderful forests, seas, and natural wonders. Istanbul has an extremely bustling and work and nightlife. Fortunately, it has excellent campsites for weekend excursions. There should be reason for you to transition from a life of luxury real estate to a life of peace and quiet. By obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can escape the world’s fatigue and business hurry in Istanbul.

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment is far more advantageous than in many other countries throughout the world. You will have the same rights as a Turkish citizen if you get Turkish citizenship. You will be a wonderful fit for the correct real estate firm that will deal with legal processes. Say welcome to Turkey villas for sale and a magnificent lifestyle with Mornvest, the first name that springs to mind when a trustworthy real estate firm is spoken.