Midwood Is A New Jewel That Will Impact World Cinema

Midwood Is A New Jewel That Will Impact World Cinema

Midwood Is A New Jewel That Will Impact World Cinema

Istanbul more than merits selection as the center of culture. Have you ever considered acquiring real estate in Istanbul where gifted actors, poets, musicians, and painters were born in order to become a Turkish citizenship?

It goes without saying that obtaining Turkish citizenship entails more than just receiving a home or citizenship. It will also allow access to a world of vibrant art. Everyone aspires to own a luxury real estate. We are confident that you would be much attracted to a gorgeous luxury villa, your automobile waiting for you in front of the house, and a flashy lifestyle.

However, having a connection to spiritually minded art is just as significant as having material possibility. Upon obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich and varied Turkish culture. Through Mornvest, the leader of Istanbul’s real estate industry, one you can enter this enchanted realm. Purchase property in this magical realm. You will not just be given citizenship if you obtain Turkish citizenship by investing. You will experience a seamless cultural shift by getting Turkish citizenship.

There are numerous art centers in Istanbul that may pique your interest. The Midwood film set, for example, will be completed on October 29th, 2023. Let’s look at why this movie set was created.

A First For The Film Majestic Industry

Turkey’s future tourist destination is scheduled to be the movie set, which is being developed as a cutting edge studio that will provide top notch services in Istanbul, the geographic center of the world. There are a total of 21 closed studios on the film set, three of which are advanced virtual production studios, and one is an advanced motion capture studio. Each is fully equipped and theoretically capable of filming any movie.

The largest indoor swimming pool in Europe are both located at Midwood Studios, which is a location for high budget production movies. Additionally, the film set will contain more than 50 indoor indoor sets with a variety of contents and 17 open set areas with distinct facades. In addition to the actual shooting locations, Midwood also has 18 workshops that will offer services for the production of all different types of decor and costume accessories. Midwood will provide all the tools and crews necessary for a top notch movie shoot, particularly the camera, light, sound, set, and materials. 

The movie set will be able to provide a full range of services for ten movies at once, enabling simultaneous shooting with four Hollywood projects, six Bollywood, one each from Chinawood and Europe and Turkey, and three from Bollywood. As a result, it will be able to shoot 50 films annually, including a total of 15 major Hollywood projects and 35 other productions in various genres.

Buying real estate for movie buffs will give you the chance to interact with this enormous complex, which will be a first for the entire world.

The Luxury Real Estate Industry’s Leader: Mornvest

With the trust, interest, and relevance it shows to its customers, Mornvest, which has established reputable clientele in Istanbul, succeeds. We invite you to visit our office in Istanbul if you are looking for a pioneer to help you with your purchases of luxury real estate.