Museums In Ankara

Museums In Ankara

Museums In Ankara

A museum is a building or location that houses and displays works of art and science as well as artifacts that may be used in those fields. Museums can also house and show objects that are beneficial in those fields. It is a permanent institution that is in the service of society and development, open to the public, that researches materials that have witnessed people and their environment, that collects, preserves, shares information, and finally exhibits them in the direction of study, education, and enjoyment, independent of the idea of profiting from them. The word “mouseion,” from which our English word “museum” is derived, was a term used in ancient Greece.

The literal translation of the name is “the location where the muses reside,” although it may also indicate “the temple of the sciences.” The very first museum in existence. It is generally agreed upon that Ptolemy I, who ruled from 332 to 289 BC, established the institution in Alexandria in the 300s. Later on, priceless pieces of art that had previously been hidden away in the castles of European monarchs and nobility throughout the Middle Ages started to be shown publicly. These castles were located in Europe. because keeping these collections in good condition and preserving them in the palaces presented several challenges.

After the 15th century in Europe, it is known that some aristocratic collections were opened, albeit with restricted access. There were mainly distinguished guests among these visitors. At the end of the Renaissance period, thanks to the efforts of thinkers to reach back to pre-medieval knowledge, the works witnessing history were recognized as valuable and began to be systematically gathered and amassed. The first public museums appeared at the tail end of the 18th century.
As there are many museum examples around the world, there are also many museum examples in Turkey. A Turkish citizen who purchases property in Ankara can learn about Turkish history in museums. Ankara has a plethora of public museums. People who have purchased a property in Ankara and settled here will enjoy not only beautiful homes but also a rich history. A Turkish citizen who purchases property in Ankara can witness history in the following museums:

• Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

• Rebuplic Museum

• War of Independence Museum

• Rahmi Koc Museum

• Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum

• Turkish Air Force Museum

• Toy Museum

• Ulucanlar Prison Museum

• Ankara Vakıf Museum

• PTT Stamp Museum

• Erimtan Archeology and Art Museum

• Gordion Museum

• Mehmet Akif Ersoy Home Museum

• Gokyay Foundation Chess Museum

• METU Science and Technology Museum

• Meteorology Museum

• TRT Museum

• Feza Gürsey Science Centre

• Poets and Writers Home Museum

• Ataturk Forest Farm Museum and Exhibition Hall