Popular Places In Ankara

Popular Places In Ankara

Popular Places In Ankara

Ankara, Turkey’s capital, is a popular tourist destination due to its deep-rooted historical and natural beauty, as well as attracting attention in the field of gastronomy due to its rich food culture. Ankara has a large restaurant network where you can find the best examples of traditional Turkish flavors. There are many restaurants, artisan restaurants, cafes, and patisseries where you can experience the legendary local flavors of Ankara.

Many of the flavors associated with Ankara can be found in the city’s most renowned and well-known restaurants, which can be found in places like Cankaya, Ulus, Kizliay, Beypazari, and Kazan. Along with local specialties, master chefs from Ankara transform other delicacies like seafood, soups, kebabs, and kokorec into something entirely new.

People who will live in Ankara after obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment will have the opportunity to enjoy the city’s rich historical textures. An individual who will start living in Ankara as a result of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment will find that the city has a great deal to offer in terms of places to spend time, eat, and celebrate special occasions. Recent years have witnessed Ankara experience significant growth in the areas of real estate development and construction. 

This province, which allows foreign investors to buy Turkish citizenship in exchange for investments, manages to attract foreign investors thanks to its livable living standards, low crime rates, and high welfare levels. Additionally, the doors to Turkish citizenship are opened through investments. You can spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones at any of these well-known destinations:

  • Aspava

Aspava is one of Ankara’s most well-known doner kebab restaurants, true to its name. The phrase “May Allah give you health, money, and well-being, Amen” is abbreviated as Aspava. Although the word “Aspava,” which is associated with Ankara, is used in many restaurants, “Ozçelik Aspava,” which opens at noon and is packed until midnight, is one of the most popular spots in Ankara.

  • Liva Patisserie

With its rich breakfast menu, Liva Patisserie further establishes its reputation in the industry after making a name for itself in the production of cake and chocolate. No matter which branch you visit, the establishment will greet you with tasteful interior design and warm customer service as you enjoy breakfast, the most significant meal of the day.

  • Bogazici Restaurant

Bogaziçi Restaurant, which has served Ankara residents for more than 60 years, has a very stylish interior even though its menu is similar to that of an artisan restaurant. The restaurant’s daily menu of 65 different dishes from Turkish and Ottoman cuisine may make it difficult for you to choose what to eat. Unless you are extremely hungry, you might not even be able to consume one serving of food.

  • Jolly Joker Ankara

Jolly Joker, which also has outposts in cities known for their vibrant nightlife, is well-known and hosts renowned performers all year long.

  • IF Performance Hall

Everyone’s attention is drawn to the IF Performance Hall because it is one of the first places that comes to mind when concerts and live performances are mentioned in Ankara. This venue is distinguished by its brick walls and its extremely contemporary stage.

  • Hayal Kahvesi Ankara

This Ankara, Tepe Prime Eskişehir location of the ubiquitous Hayal Kahvesi chain also has outposts in other major Turkish cities like Istanbul and Izmir. An exquisite musical feast awaits you in Ankara, and the local cuisine is just as delicious.