Prepare Yourself For An Eye Catching History: Bodrum

Prepare Yourself For An Eye Catching History: Bodrum

Prepare Yourself For An Eye Catching History: Bodrum

Halikarnassos is the mythological name for Bodrum. The Carians are thought to have founded it in the sixteenth century. Halicarnassus, BC VII; Herodotus. He claims to have been a member of the Hexapolis union, which was made up of six Dorian-founded cities at the time. A winner of an Apollo themed competition from Halicarnassos was expelled from the union after he refused to donate his winnings to the temple. B.C. It is known that in 550 BC, the city was ruled by the Lydian king Kraissos. B.C. The Carians were ruled by the Persians when the Lydian state vanished from history in 546. The capital, Mylasa (modern day Milas), was moved to Halicarnassus during the reign of Mausolost.

The Mausoloion, one of the seven wonders of the world, and the palace of Mausolos, the satrap of Caria, were both located in the city. The Maussoloion is a piece of art that was never finished during the time of Mausolos; its construction was carried on by his sister and wife Artemis, but it was never finished, and it was later finished by the architects using their own resources. Unfortunately, neither the palace of Mausolos nor the building constructed as his tomb have survived to the present day. The Knights of St. John later used the stones from the artifact which had been destroyed by a powerful earthquake to build Bodrum Castle.

In the latter half of the XII century, the Anatolian Menteşe Principality came into control of the city. In the nineteenth century, it was governed by the Knights of St. Sean John of Rhodes. Suleiman the Magnificent, the Turkish Sultan, annexed the city to the Ottoman lands in 1452. After that time, Bodrum, which had a crucial role in the Ottoman lands as a natural harbor and home to the Ottoman Navy’s shipyards, remained an exile location and a small important town for a considerable amount of time after the Republic. Bodrum, which began to grow after the 1970s, rose to prominence as one of the top travel destinations. Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most significant tourist and entertainment hubs today, is frequented by many people searching for a quiet town and yearning to be alone with nature.

Investing In Bodrum

Real estate is a dynamic industry in Bodrum. With its stunning natural surroundings and distinctive geographic location Bodrum is a popular modern luxury real estate that draws visitors from all over the world especially from Europe and Middle East. Due to the wide range of opportunities it provides Bodrum is the preferred location for many investors looking to purchase commercial real estate in Turkey. Others are also looking for Bodrum homes for sale. This implies that you can always find buyers if you decide to sell your property.

The main reason people choose to invest in real estate in Bodrum is to take advantage of the area’s predominantly Mediterranean climate and crystal clear waters. The Bodrum peninsula includes a number of seaside resorts each with its own advantages in addition to the main city center. You will have more chances to take in the splendor of the Mediterranean as a result.

A vast urban infrastructure that caters to all tastes and provides a wide variety of investment opportunities to every potential buyer has been made possible by the unique history of the Bodrum real estate market. In Bodrum, you can find almost any kind of property from newly constructed or renovated homes to luxury houses with stone and wood walls. In Bodrum a variety of opulent apartments are available for purchase. There are many opulent and luxury villas with stunning sea views in the city’s core and along the coast. Whatever your budget, you will finally find your dream home thanks to Bodrum’s robust real estate market.