Shopping Centers In Bursa

Shopping Centers In Bursa

Shopping malls are recognized as living spaces that strive to meet all of the needs of the 21st-century consumer. The race for better products and services, accelerated by a fierce competition environment, constantly shifts the consumer’s marginal satisfaction point, revealing new needs. Shopping centers with artistic city structures differ from traditional shopping centers in that they are managed by a central administration under single ownership.  

Its physical location stands out due to the abundance of commercial activities it contains the length of its components’ joint working hours and the economic value of the investment. These centers, which aim to solve consumers’ shopping needs in an organized manner, are becoming an increasingly important part of urban life. There are numerous shopping centers for people who obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Bursa. People who have settled in Bursa by obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment can spend their weekend’s shopping.  

They can also get everything they need right here. Of course, people who obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate may have some reservations about moving to a new city. Some of these concerns may stem from communication issues at their point of purchase. However, there is no need to be concerned because many employees speak English fluently. 

For those looking to start a new life in Turkey by purchasing a property in Bursa, the following shopping centers are available:

  1. Korupark Shopping Centre
  2. Zafer Plaza Shopping Centre
  3. Podyum Park Shopping Centre
  4. Meridyen Shopping Centre
  5. CarrefourSA Bursa Shopping Centre
  6. Arena Shopping Centre
  7. Ozdilek Bursa Shopping Centre
  8. Nilpark Shopping Centre and Office
  9. Sur Yapi Marka Shopping Centre
  10. Anatolium Shopping Centre
  11. Ozluce Park
  12. Prestige Optimum Shopping Centre
  13. Ozdilek Bursa Shopping Centre, Nilufer
  14. Magazine Mall