The Majestic City Of Antalya Is The Wonderful Place To Apply For Turkish Citizenship

The Majestic City Of Antalya Is The Wonderful Place To Apply For Turkish Citizenship

The Majestic City Of Antalya Is The Wonderful Place To Apply For Turkish Citizenship

The most popular thing in recent years has been getting citizenship through the purchase of real estate. Many nations support the acquisition of citizenship by investment. While some nations make it difficult to obtain citizenship, others make it rather simple. One of the citizenships that is fairly simple to obtain is Turkish citizenship. Each of Turkey’s provinces have a unique beauty that have allowed it to catch the attention of those who live nearby thanks to it is historical texture.

One of the most beautiful cities that can travel with you on this journey is Antalya if you have been dreaming of owning a luxury real estate but is unsure of where to start. With their tourism appeal, Antalya homes draw tourists into a fascinating maelstrom. Let’s start by reviewing Antalya’s rich history if you desire to obtain citizenship through the purchase of property.

History of Antalya

The name Antalya means Home of Attalos, II Attalos initiated its founding. Following the collapse of the Pergamon Kingdom (133 B.C) the city briefly maintained its independence until falling under the control of pirates. B.C. Commander Servilius Isauricus added it to Roman dominion in the year 77 B.C. It served as the base for Pompey’s navy in 67 B.C. Following its conquest by the Turks, Attaleia, whose name was associated with the episcopacy center during Byzantine administration underwent a significant growth.

There are not many old remains in Antalya because the present city was constructed over the ancient village. A portion of the harbor breakwater, sometimes known as the old port, and the city wall around the port are the earliest discernible remnants. One of Antalya’s most stunning historic structures is Hadrian’s Gate, which was reconstructed in the section of the walls beyond the park.

The Seljuks united the area with Turkish territory while it was still under the control of the Byzantines, as they are known in Eastern Rome or Turkey. Hamitogullari, a branch of the Teke Tribe, ruled it during the Anatolian Principalities. The modern Antalya city core served as the Teke sanjak of the Anatolian province during the Ottoman era. The province’s current name was granted during the Republic era and is actually a slightly modified version of its ancient name.  

A overview of this city’s history can help you get one step closer to obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of property.

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