The Marvelous Beauty Of Burdur: Sagalassos Ancient City

The Marvelous Beauty Of Burdur: Sagalassos Ancient City

The Marvelous Beauty Of Burdur: Sagalassos Ancient City

The legend of the city of Sagalassos revolves around a passionate love affair. In Sagalassos, approximately 1,850 years ago, a young lady who went by the name Isabella lived there. Her parents took their daughters’ education very seriously and did their very best for them. The young woman with green eyes, fair skin, and height posed for the sculptors. Because the kings of Sagalassos wanted “beauties to emerge” and “people to be happy,” they declared that all sunny days should be holidays for young girls.  The legendary stunning woman Isabella has reached the age when she can legally get married. The aspirations of princes, soldiers, and wrestlers from a variety of cities were focused on her. Those who wanted to marry Isabella had to fulfill a requirement that had been imposed by her father. He wanted water to be brought into the city from the springs in the Isparta Mountains, and he wanted a love fountain to be built in Sagalassos Square, so that future generations would be able to appreciate how beautiful his daughter was.

Isabella found herself falling in love with Antonin, a young commander in the army. She kept her feelings a secret from everyone, even her mother. Antonin needed to go to war and bring back the spoils of victory before he could have the fountain of love constructed. During the time that Antonin was away on a mission, the King of Aglasun sent envoys to Isabella’s father to make a marriage proposal to Isabella on behalf of his only son, Hector. Her father made a promise to marry someone else on his daughter’s behalf, but he never even considered asking for her permission.

Upon Antonin’s return from the expedition, the city was filled with excitement due to the loot and success he had brought back with him, and a celebration was held as a result. Isabella came into the area where the celebration was taking place and forced Antonin to dance. At the time, the King was seated on one side of the room with his son Hector and Antonin on the other. Hector’s anger at this prompted him to give the order for Antonin to be killed by an archer. When Isabella saw this, she pushed Antonin, which caused the arrow to hit her. The following are the last words that she spoke before passing away in the arms of his beloved:

“I was unable to wear a wedding gown; let my father weep over this!

Tell my mother to be in sackcloth and ashes, 

Let Antonin construct a fountain of love here; let the fountain’s waters be my tears!

Let gold be sprinkled on the fountain masters, and may the fortune of the unfortunate girls rise here!”