Universities In Ankara

Universities In Ankara

Universities In Ankara

Having a sizable population is crucial to a flourishing culture. A consumer market with an untrained, unqualified, and unhealthy workforce is a burden on society. An educated populace can speed up progress and fuel economic growth. The population must be highly qualified. Without a doubt, the best way to educate people is through a strong educational system. That’s why colleges and universities should be involved in shaping educational systems across the country and the region. 

The university is crucial to the development of a society because it educates its citizens and thus increases the demand for the goods and services produced as a result of that demand. Modern education is a source of strength and value for progress because it is an institution that improves people’s standard of living by teaching them more about the world. As we live in an increasingly technological age, it stands to reason that a country’s level of development can be gauged, at least in part, by the standard of education enjoyed by its citizens. 

The two cities that stand out for higher education are Ankara and Istanbul, which are the goals of every university applicant in Turkey and the destination of choice for anyone who comes to Ankara after obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment. Particularly public educational institutions seem to be the most prestigious and well-equipped universities in Ankara. A person who plans to continue their education in Ankara after obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is advised to attend METU, one of the top universities in the world. In recent years, the largest cities are benefiting from the growing number of universities across the country. Ankara is home to 21 different universities, with 8 of them being state universities and the remaining 13 being foundation universities.

Ankara’s State Universities

  • Ankara University
  • Ankara Fine Arts University
  • Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University
  • Ankara Social Sciences University
  • Gazi University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Middle East Technical University (Metu)
  • Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

Ankara’s Private Universities

  • Anka University of Technology
  • Ankara Medipol University
  • Atılım University
  • Baskent University
  • Cankaya University
  • Ihsan Dogramacı Bilkent University
  • Lokman Hekim University
  • Ostim Technical University
  • TED University
  • TOBB University of Economics and Technology
  • Ufuk University
  • Turkish Aeronautical Association University

There are special preparation programs in place for students who come to Ankara to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. Universities that provide international education have been accepted into the universal education system. Diplomas obtained through international equivalence programs will be valid throughout the world, and all facilities will be provided for those who are eligible to study at the university by acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment.