Witnessing History With Estate Purchase: Istanbul’s Historical Buildings. You Are Invited To The Museums

Witnessing History With Estate Purchase: Istanbul’s Historical Buildings. You Are Invited To The Museums

Witnessing History With Estate Purchase: Istanbul’s Historical Buildings. You Are Invited To The Museums

Istanbul is fascinating for its historical treasures, and it also has a lot of museums where you may learn about the past, present. Istanbul is a global city as well as a significant center for the arts and culture. There are modern art museums where you may see the most distinctive specimens of contemporary art, in addition to exhibitions and conferences that are conducted all year long, in addition to historically significant institutions. Istanbul has a large number of excellent museums, as can see.

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History Inspired Museums

  • Irene of Hagia Museum

The largest Byzantine church that could not be turned into a mosque is known as Hagia Irene, which was constructed around the start of the fourth century. It is demonstrated that the church’s continued presence inside the Sur Sultan, which envelops Topkap Palace, prevented it from being converted into a mosque after Istanbul was conquered.

  • Istanbul Toy Museum

The Istanbul Toy Museum, established by Sunay Akin in 2005, was the first of its kind and set the path for the development of further toy museums. The Istanbul Toy Museum hosts events and organizations as well as a history of toy culture that dates back to the 1700s and is more geared toward adults than children.

  • Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Since opening, the museum has welcomed thousands of local and international visitors over its 8,000 square meter footprint. The museum offers free educational programs, social project studies, workshops, a cinema, a library, and galleries in addition to its exhibitions and galleries.

  • Istanbul Naval Museum

After the war, antiques sent to Anatolia during World War 2 to be better preserved are brought back to Istanbul. In 1961, it was transferred to its current location.

  • Museum at Istanbul’s Fethiye: Pammakaristos Monastery

The structure, which was constructed in 1292, has continued to stand today.

The Virgin Mary was honored in the construction of the first chapel in the Great North. Later, when the great church was being constructed, Mikhail Palagiogos’ wife Maria had a tiny church built close to the north church. The graves of Mikhail and Maria are also located in this auxiliary church.

  • Pelit Museum of Chocolate

One of the places that chocolate fans will like is the place where the world of chocolate was founded. This museum, created by Pelit for chocolate enthusiasts, draws visitors of all ages. There are numerous constructions at the museum, including villages made of chocolate, statues of well known people, and chocolate fountains. The fact that these constructions are created entirely of chocolate is their most significant characteristic.

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