International Schools In Izmir

International Schools In Izmir

International Schools In Izmir

International schools in Turkey provide an education that is both convenient and thorough for students from other countries who want to make Turkey their permanent home. Students attending foreign schools benefit from a simplified and streamlined educational experience since the content of their curricula is standardized across the board. In international schools, students have the opportunity to study a variety of languages in addition to English, each of which offers a number of benefits that may help them achieve better success in their professional lives.

The classes at international schools in Turkey are often smaller than those at ordinary schools, but the quality of instruction they give is of a better standard. By maintaining a high level of student enthusiasm via participation in extracurricular activities, these institutions make certain that their pupils get an education of the highest caliber. When selecting a school, it is highly vital to look at its international accreditation. In Turkey, two of the foreign accreditations have a significant amount of clout.

Both elementary and secondary education are provided at the school in English, the school’s native language.Students are prepared for the international examinations offered by Cambridge University. The first Turkish school to get accreditation from both the CIS and ECIS is the American Collegiate Institute (ACI). It provides the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The Italian Kindergarten and Primary School in Smirne, which has been around for almost 120 years, offers pupils a mother tongue education in both Turkish and Italian, in addition to teaching them both English and French. In kindergarten, children from a variety of countries get instruction in accordance with the curriculum of the Turkish National Education System. However, in primary school, instruction is provided in accordance with the curriculum of the Italian Education System.

Opportunities For Investment In Turkey

Izmir, in particular, is one of the places in Turkey where foreign investors may purchase real estate in a safe atmosphere thanks to the privileges, exemptions, and discounts offered by the Turkish government. According to evaluations conducted in Europe, the real estate sector in Turkey is now ranked just behind that of New Zealand. Turkey has a climate that is conducive to agriculture, rich and fertile land, ideal grounds for agricultural investment, and a strategic location that enables the country to export agricultural and animal commodities to both Europe and Asia.

In addition to the cultivation of certain fruits, grains, and vegetables of various kinds, fruits, and spices, agricultural investment in Turkey is a winning area due to the highly developed infrastructure for growing seasonal vegetables or through greenhouse agriculture. The tourist industry in Turkey is diverse. After having been almost solely comprised of leisure travel, Turkey’s tourist industry has now expanded to include historical, cultural, religious, health, and conference tourism.

Because of its rich history and stunning natural scenery, Turkey is now ranked as the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. Over the last several years, the government of Turkey has invested millions of lira in various projects related to the country’s healthcare system. With total earnings of 5.4 billion dollars over the course of the last five years, Turkey has risen to the position of third place in the world for medical tourism, behind only the United States and Germany. In terms of medical tourism, Turkey is now ranked sixth in the world, behind countries such as the United States, Germany, Thailand, and India.