Real Estate Inheritance
Tax in Turkey

Heirs are required to pay some tax to the state for inherited goods. The revenue administration has prepared a comprehensive guide for heirs. Everything taxable is listed in this guide. 

It is a type of tax that occurs because of the transfer of goods belonging to persons with citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and goods located in Turkey from one person to another in any form through inheritance or with a grant/gratuitous. It is also taxable for a person with Turkish citizenship to acquire goods by the same means, regardless of whether they are at home or abroad.

According to the Turkish Civil Code, after death, the person’s assets pass to his relatives and heirs, the owner of the property, or the person who owns the wealth of legal entities must pay inheritance and transfer tax. Inheritance tax calculation rates involved mother, father, spouse, and child in the case of the remaining property, revenge inheritance and transfer tax rate is calculated as 50 percent, for the first 240 thousand pounds of inheritance and revenge 1 percent, other revenge inheritance and transfer tax rate is calculated as 10 percent.